Bye-bye J99fundraising welcome Mighty9 & Mighty9 School

  • Startup founders are like high-level athletes. Are you well prepared enough to get into the VC game?
  • Launching your startup by the playbook
  • We’ll increase your chance to get funded by the best investors
  • The only thing that matter is the Product Market Fit
  • Less than 20% of startup founders find their PMF, successful second-time entrepreneur get a 70% ratio
  • Many first-time entrepreneur mistakes can be avoided. Build your startup like a successful second-time entrepreneur
  • Leadership, Decision making, Focus
  • Funding is the outcome of what you’re building today
  • Always seek to progress. To then have progress to show
  • A founder-commando do the first thing themselves
  • Our goal is to help you get to the PMF
  • We’ll help you figure out how your PMF should look like, find the killing feature, figuring out the first stage of the project, optimize your roadmap to get there
  • We will give you access to the latest knowledge and insider news in the industry
  • We will provide you with access to an extensive network of VCs, startups founders, experts that saw & achieved PMF, experts in each technic & discipline
  • We will help you find the unique thing that makes you extraordinary, not just great
  • We’ll help you craft your Vision, Mission, Values
  • Have a clear understanding of the industry they want to transform
  • Know how to build the product themselves
  • Have a strong eager & disciplined to learn
  • Have an enormous ambition
  • Because founders should unleash their mighty power, develop it and control it.
  • Mighty9 = 99
  • 99 is a powerful number, yet weird. 99 is the last number of a cycle and the beginning of the infinite.
  • When I was a kid, the day I counted till 99, I understood that I could go far beyond, I could count till the infinite
  • 9 for billion€ valuations and 99 (%) not to forget that we’re here to serve the many (and care for them) not the few 🤜




Startup Coach & Agent = Audit + Acceleration + Fundraising Founder of Mighty9. Check my newsletter “The VC Insider” :

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Julien Petit

Julien Petit

Startup Coach & Agent = Audit + Acceleration + Fundraising Founder of Mighty9. Check my newsletter “The VC Insider” :

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